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  • SANTA ARRIVES: In a normal home visit, I typically enter the home and greet everyone there. I talk a little about taking time off from the North Pole to visit with everyone. I talk about the elves and reindeer.


  • DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS: Then I'll talk about Christmas coming soon, how many days it is until Christmas, and all of the excitement that comes with it.

  • NAUGHTY OR NICE: Next I talk about the Naughty list and the Nice list. I have an app on my iPad that "scans fingerprints (it doesn't really scan them, it just looks like it) and connects to the North Pole database to see if each person is on the nice list." Of course all the kids are always on the nice list but one or two of the adults might not be. The kids always get a big kick out of that.

  • STORY TIME: Next I'll read a story. I have several to choose from:

Home Visits

what happens when Santa comes to your house

The traditional holiday favorite by Clement C. Moore.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas*

An exciting pirate Christmas adventure that starts off with the pirates on the naughty list but redeeming themselves by helping Santa.

Captain Bling's Christmas Plunder*

Santa is having a bad day but it gets much better when someone does something nice for him.

Are You Grumpy Santa?*

A great little story about how Santa's beard grows when boys and girls are good.

The Myth of Santa's Beard

A faith-based story that will help you discover the true meaning of the holidays as Santa Claus retells the story of the first Christmas.

Santa's Favorite Story*

This book from the creator of Veggie Tales unwraps the real meaning behind our favorite Christmas traditions and where those traditions came from.

Why Do We Call It Christmas?*

A faith-based story about  Jesus' birth and the true meaning of Christmas.

The True Night Before Christmas

*some of Santa's favorites!

CHRISTMAS WISH LISTS: Next, Santa loves to have the children sit on his lap and share all of the things they would like to have for Christmas. This is a great time for Santa to have some one-on-one time with each child.

  • PICTURES GALORE: And of course, Santa is available for all of the pictures you want - individual pictures, group pictures, silly pictures, etc. 

  • SANTA'S TOY BAG: If you have presents that you would like to have Santa deliver to your children and family, I am happy to do so. 

  • TIME TO SAY GOODBYE: Of course, there's lots to do at the North Pole so Santa can't stay long. The typical visit usually takes about 45 minutes, depending on how many people attend and how interactive everyone is. I can stretch longer if necessary.


  • FAITH BASED OPTIONS: If you and your family are interested in faith based options, I have a couple to choose from. 

    • I have a book called "The True Night Before Christmas," which is the story of Jesus' birth

    • I can also talk about some of the spiritual symbolism in the Candy Cane

This is what usually happens at standard home visit. I'm certainly open to discussing other ideas if you have them. If you have any questions or if you would like to book your home visit, please contact me ASAP! My calendar fills up quickly.